Ramón Soler

Pierre Le Ray, Country Manager France and Belgium of Ramon Soler is appointed as a full member of the NF077 Robinetterie Committee of the CSTB. Ramon Soler has more than 130 years of experience in the design and manufacture of faucets. As a consolidated brand, we reaffirm the quality of our products with rigorous international certifications, as well as with a highly competent team of technical and commercial professionals. The CSTB

Unimos lo mejor de nuestras innovaciones en grifos de cocina para crear la colección Pure Water Magnet Kitchen. Una colección de grifos de cocina extraíble, con sistema de imanes y con sistema de filtrado de agua incorporado.   Pure Water Magnet Kitchen, es un grifo de cocina de estética industrial con mezclador monomando lateral. Destaca por incluir un exclusivo sistema de imanes, el cual permite al caño volver a su posición

Water control, A source of beauty and well-being Urban man, despite being totally alienated from nature, has never stopped desiring it: The heat of the sun, the scent and perfume of flowers and fresh grass, and above all, the water: pure, transparent, gushing from a spring. Ramon Soler® has created and patented a product that fuses our most human yearnings with our urban habitat: URBAN CHIC.