Ramón Soler
A round shower head, rain effect, available in the latest trend finishes matt black, brushed nickel, brushed gold, and chrome.

Perfect for providing us with great physical and mental well-being, the Ramon Soler® RIR shower head offers us a form of relaxation to be able to combat daily stress and fatigue in the best possible way.

NEW TREND FINISHES.- The RIR shower head debuts new finishes, inspired by the latest global trends in top quality design that give bathrooms the essence of the most refined luxury: Brushed nickel, it is defined by its timeless beauty and handcrafted look, and the firm has not neglected the color of immaculate elegance: matt black.

And RIR is also offered in the unparalleled chrome with its luminosity and its Diamond Finish coating, which gives it maximum resistance and an extra shine finish, thanks to a studied chrome process and rigorous quality controls.

Brushed nickel is possible thanks to the revolutionary PVD (physical vapor deposition) technique that allows different colors to be created with a metal coating, providing strength and durability. Quality is an essential condition for Ramon Soler®.

Matt Black finish is achieved with a sophisticated electrostatic bath over galvanizing that gives it durability in the salt spray test 10 times higher than chrome.


DESIGN.- Its design opts for a round shape, which lets the water fall in a relaxing and focused way, contributing to personal well-being and allowing accumulated tension to be released. RIR is synonymous with relaxation, a hydrotherapy session every day in our own bathroom. It helps us create a spa area at home, a luxury within our reach.

COMBINATION.- A model of style and elegance, which will add a touch of character and personality to the environment, above all because it can be combined with any model of shower faucet -single-handle, two-handle or thermostatic- to the user’s taste, creating unparalleled sets. Its rounded shapes give it a natural look, a good option for any type of project, whether contract or residential.

The bathroom has become a wellness space, where every detail counts to guarantee the maximum well-being of the user. With the new Ramon Soler® shower heads it is possible for the shower area to be a space where you can appreciate good design and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy: the rain-effect water outlet relaxes, comforts, and revitalizes the body.