Ramón Soler

A round shower head, rain effect, available in the latest trend finishes matt black, brushed nickel, brushed gold, and chrome. Perfect for providing us with great physical and mental well-being, the Ramon Soler® RIR shower head offers us a form of relaxation to be able to combat daily stress and fatigue in the best possible way. NEW TREND FINISHES.- The RIR shower head debuts new finishes, inspired by the latest global trends

Water control, A source of beauty and well-being Urban man, despite being totally alienated from nature, has never stopped desiring it: The heat of the sun, the scent and perfume of flowers and fresh grass, and above all, the water: pure, transparent, gushing from a spring. Ramon Soler® has created and patented a product that fuses our most human yearnings with our urban habitat: URBAN CHIC.