Ramón Soler
Water control, A source of beauty and well-being

Urban man, despite being totally alienated from nature, has never stopped desiring it:

The heat of the sun, the scent and perfume of flowers and fresh grass, and above all, the water: pure, transparent, gushing from a spring.

Ramon Soler® has created and patented a product that fuses our most human yearnings with our urban habitat: URBAN CHIC.


                                      Photo: Wash Basin  Urban Chic by Ramon Soler®

Since 1890, Ramon Soler® has been a company driven by a clear vocation for service and innovation. And this innovation is evident in design mixers such as the new Urban Chic. The new Urban Chic collection, incorporates a unique and exceptional water circuit that controls the strength and force of the water, to deliver it in a clear, silent and friendly way. The water starts its journey through a low consumption cartridge, where its temperature and flow are controlled. Without losing its force, the water is sent again back below to the faucet, where it collides with the bottom and loses its strength, to then it is sent back up in a spiral circuit. From there water is redirected towards the final fall, where it is released through the spout, in the form of waterfall, but before it is caressed and combed gently, so that the water comes out naturally, transporting us to the nature of the waterfalls in our daily use.

                                     Photo: Interior technical drawing Urban Chic by Ramon Soler®

The beauty of its lines, the more rational needs of water control and its way of offering water in cascade, as if it were a source of clear, silent and friendly water, make Urban Chic a unique and exceptional product.

Urban Chic design is formed by curves, straight lines and unexpected angles; creating a daring, slender, novel and elegant aesthetics, while simple and functional. But, above all, it has an ergonomic and functional design, which achieves a delicate effect and an ideal harmony, achieving total comfort for the user.

                                         Photo: Urban Chic by Ramon Soler®

Urban Chic is a very complete collection, we can find it in all types of faucets for washbasin, shower and bath. Includes mixer, thermostatic, built-in taps, columns for washbasin and bath, getting to perfectly equip any bathroom, whatever your needs.

Ramon Soler® is once again committed to chrome plated, a finish that transports us towards technology. This collection, inspired by urban life, will not leave indifferent any design lover and will conquer the most exclusive bathrooms.